Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated and shortlisted on the basis of the following criteria by the i3 Expert Committee comprising jury members drawn from the government, academia and industry.

  • Creativity and originality of the innovation: The innovation must be novel in its area of application and have a high potential for societal impact. The innovation should be in the form of a prototype (working model of a product or service) and should not, by any means, be or include copied or stolen work.
  • Application of technology: The innovation should attempt to address at least one existing industrial and social challenge related to the focus areas identified in the program.
  • Potential for commercialization: The innovation should have a significant potential for commercialisation. Innovations with higher utility or problem solving capacity are more likely to be selected for commercialization. The innovator must be motivated to commercialize his/her innovation(s).

*Note: Any entry found to be plagiarized will be disqualified.